Hello! I really hope its not too much to ask. My name is catarina I'm from portugal and arctic monkeys are coming to my town. I entered a contest to win VIP tickets, I get backstage passes, be there for the soundcheck, be on stage when the concert happends and more. But the problem is I need tons of votes to win, and Its almost impossible to do it without any big help. Id appreciate to dead If you helped me win. this the most important thing for me right now... I'm obsessed with the monkeys *


So what was the song that got you hooked on Arctic Monkeys? or Do I Wanna Know?  

Only 77 more days until AM seventy-seven.

"Have you got the goods?"

"Have you got the goods?"

Woah, calm down Luke Pritchard…

confession i wanna burn your blog to the ground

Alright kiddos, I’ve been slacking… send me your confessions or better yet just tell me what Arctic Monkeys mean to you! Especially with the new single out and AM5 on the wayyyy.

i love your blog!! :D *following immediately*


I like to pretend that Nick is a virgin.


Its amazing how I can never listen to ALL the AM songs, just when i thought I’ve heard everything, another b-side came up. I love that, AM never gets me bored! I love all of his eras equally!